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Kitchen Exhaust Design & Build-商业厨房通风管道设计及安装

  • i. Proper ventilation is not only important for indoor air quality; it’s to keep your employees and business safe. When it’s time to equip your restaurant kitchen with the essentials, don’t forget the importance of commercial ventilation systems in helping employees and equipment work in a safe environment.
  • ii. From cleaning air to lowering utility bills, a commercial ventilation system is a kitchen necessity and a wise investment.
  • iii. Most often, our client wants to limit the design and installation costs.
  • iv. Many kitchen designers specifies exhaust system based on past experiences that are enough for capture and extraction of cooking fumes without regards to energy efficiency.
  • v. Here at YEK Ventilation Systems, we strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your exhaust system while reducing the impact on the total building energy consumption, improving the kitchen environment and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint.
  • vi. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you the most efficient design that is not only effective but also compliant with the government authorities. (SCDF, HDB, NEA, BCA, URA, Singapore Standards SS553:2016 previously known as CP13)
  • vii. Got a new restaurant that needs a new exhaust system? Schedule a free consultation appointment with us, call +65 9021 7162 or leave an inquiry




4 .许多厨房设计师根据过去的经验,制定了排放系统,这些系统足以在不考虑能源效率的情况下捕获和提取烹饪烟雾。


6.我们有经验和知识为您提供最高效的设计,不仅有效,而且符合政府当局的要求。(SCDF, HDB, NEA, BCA, URA,新加坡标准SS553:2016,以前称为CP13)

7.有新餐厅需要新的排气系统吗?安排一个免费的咨询预约与我们,电话+65 9021 7162或留下您的需求信息,我们会尽快联系您。

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