Kitchen Exhaust Addition & Alteration-厨房排气系统添加和改造

  • i. Just taken over an existing kitchen and the hood dimension does not fit your needs? Or do you wish to add an extra hood to your existing kitchen?
  • ii. Schedule a free consultation appointment with us, we will meet you on site and provide you with a quotation after hearing your needs.
  • 1.刚刚接管现有的厨房,引擎盖尺寸不适合你的需要?或者你想在你现有的厨房里再加一个引擎盖?


  • 2.与我们预约一个免费的咨询时间,我们会在现场与您见面,并在了解您的需求后为您提供报价。
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Very efficient service and a one-stop shop. YEK is the first place I think when it comes to kitchen equipment. Very responsive to after-sales service. The technician are very helpful to queries.
Eliane Lim,

Diandin Leluk
, Diandin Leluk

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