Fire Suppression System For Exhaust Hood


Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

In Singapore, it is under the SCDF Fire Code that ventilation system must be equipped with a fire-suppression system. Cooking is the leading cause of all restaurants building fires, according to the “Fire, Ambulance and Enforcement Statistics 2017 by SCDF”.

A fire-suppression system connects to the hood system and helps prevent fires from spreading. The piped system is activated by high heat or can be turned on manually to dispense a liquid-suppressing agent that extinguishes fires quickly.

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Liquid agent stored under pressure, when activated is transmitted through distribution network and discharged through nozzles


Manual pull station

Each YEK WCK system is equipped with at least one manual pull station providing a means of activating the system manually if required


Fusible link

Electrical solder type link which will melt at a predetermined temperature, allowing the two halves of the link to separate, operating the extinguishing agent

YEK-Mechanical Release Module

Mechanical Release Module (MRM)

Activate when a fusible link separates in a fire condition and releases tension on the cable causing a loaded spring to activate the cylinder discharge valve.


Wet Chemical Agent Cylinder

Wet chemical agent cylinders with capacities of 6-26 liters pressurized with N2 at a pressure of 15.5 bars at 21°C. Designed to work at temperatures from 0°C to 49°C

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